Legal to Shoot Bigfoot – Texas 2014-2015 Hunting License go on sale August 15th

We can purchase our new hunting license on August 15, 2014 and you will be delighted to know that, yes it is LEGAL TO SHOOT BIGFOOT IN TEXAS with your hunting license. But you can’t shoot monkeys.

If you see a Bigfoot it falls into the category of an indigenous, non-game species and if you are on private land with the permission of the owner of the land to shoot Bigfoot you are good to go. There is no closed season on Bigfoot either so year round as long as you have a current hunting license you can shoot to kill. Due to the size and possible danger of a wounded Bigfoot it is recommended that you go for a heart , lung shoot with a rifle suitable for Elk with .270/7mm 150 grain or heavier bullet with close to 2,000 ft. pounds of energy at point of impact.

If you are carrying a pistol something that begins with .44 or bigger is recommended and multiple shots might be in order. Avoid head shots because you will want to have a taxidermist make a full body mount with an intact head so that you can then have an auction between Bass Pro and Cabelas to sell your trophy for the highest dollar. You might also get invited as a guest on several late night TV shows and that would be fun to have your 15 minutes of fame so be prepared to take that shot as long as you have a current Texas Hunting License. Of course a good photograph might be just as rewarding and almost as valuable so have your camera ready for and optional outcome. Your choice and an out of state five day bird hunting license is not valid for a Bigfoot.

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Joe McElyea
I am an original member and founder of the esteemed High Plains Shooting and Dining Society which is dedicated to fellowship of bird hunters and shooters who also enjoy finding great local places to eat large, unhealthy portions of breaded and fried meats and gravies washed down with the appropriate libations. I am also a retired old man who enjoys fishing, shooting and my wonderful family.

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