There are snakes in them there fields.

Well, good news and bad news, I received an email from a friend in Cross Plains, Texas this week with a picture, above, of a nice long copperhead snake. There are a lot of snakes this year according to my friend and he trains dogs so he is our among them more than most people. Now, the good news is that copperhead snakes are not as poisonous as most snakes and they seldom kill folks, the bad news is there appear to be plenty of them and unlike most snakes they freeze when approached and they strike if stepped on. My advice to one an all for the September 6 Dove Day hunt is to make sure you have boots that come up eight inches and don’t wear no stinking shorts and sandals cause you might get bit. Remember, to a snake we taste like chicken.

NIce big old copperhead snake in Cross Plains area in July 2014.  That is a yard stick, 36

NIce big old copperhead snake in Cross Plains area in July 2014, yard stick in picture is 36″ long.


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