Taking the Texas CHL one more time.

Two years ago I was still working and before my Texas Concealed Handgun license expired I failed to retake the course which was required at the time and renew my CHL. Yesterday I finally did take the course again at the Bandera Gun Club where I am a life member.

It was a pleasant six hour course, including the requalification shooting and I learned about about current Texas gun laws and our reciprocity with 33 other states with CHL. I also appreciated the fact that in Texas Veterans pay the state only $25 instead of $75 and the price at the gun club was reduced for members. The total cost was about a third of what it was six years ago.

The big surprise of the day was when my score of 247 out of 250 possible shooting fifty rounds was the high score out of the three of us taking the class. In all fairness the other two guys who were younger were better shots with much closer groups but I only had two flyers, one in the 8 ring and one in the 9 and they had a few more flyers but not many.

I used my Browning Hi Power 9 mm which was designed in the late 1920’s and first produced in the 1930’s and used in combat in WWII by both allies and axis powers. The nifty Hi Power design has been used all over the world and until 2013 the side arm of the British Army.

I still like to shoot old style, Hi Power and 1911 style pistols and I am using a replica WWII Kraut style holster with flap and extra magazine pocket for open carry when I am walking in the field with this gun.

Anyway yesterday was a good day and any day spent doing a little shooting is enjoyable. Now I just have to wait about six weeks to receive my new CHL from the great state of Texas.

My Browning Hi-Power with custom grip and holster.

My Browning Hi-Power with custom grip and holster.

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