Looks as if we now have an Even Dozen for Dove Day 2014

As of this Friday we have 12 guns lined up for our Dove Day 2014 hunt on September 6 in Brownwood. I is always a pleasure to have this many committed early and by having a 50% deposit with Mike Wyatt at First Shot Outfitters it makes it easier for him to reserve a field for us where we can expect to shoot our limits, if we can hit the doves when we shoot at them.

Along with the 12 guns we will have 5 ride alongs who will come along just to add their wit and wisdom. More info about the dove hunt will be posted in the coming days and just for information about this years Texas Dove season check here:




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Joe McElyea
I am an original member and founder of the esteemed High Plains Shooting and Dining Society which is dedicated to fellowship of bird hunters and shooters who also enjoy finding great local places to eat large, unhealthy portions of breaded and fried meats and gravies washed down with the appropriate libations. I am also a retired old man who enjoys fishing, shooting and my wonderful family.